Ventura, Nautica, Queen Mary 2 & Adonia (II)
Four ships on my dad's birthday on the 4th August 2017.  It was very unusual having more than one former Renaissance ship in port together.  In this case, Nautica (R Five) was just a year older than Adonia (R Eight).  As we had plans for the Cowes Week fireworks with Blue Funnel, which had a 7.20pm pick up from Hythe pier, we went for departures.  Ventura, Nautica and Mary were all 5pm sailings while Adonia had been moved to 6.30pm, before being brought forward to 5.45pm but she eventually left at 6.07pm.  Disappointingly, this sisters ignored each other but had both had the assistance of the tug, Svitzer Ferriby.  Shieldhall followed the cruise ships as she headed to Cowes while Hythe Scene developed an electrical problem resulting in a return to the pier.

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© Patricia Dempsey 4th August 2017
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