Crown Princess (II), Aurora & Caribbean Princess
Three in on the 13th May 2017.  Crown Princess doesn't have the new Sea Witch bow art which Caribbean has.  Typically these days when you have two Princess ships together, the earliest one to sail is nearest to the Solent.  Despite the sun, it was pretty windy.  Crown did muster at 3.45pm so obviously wouldn't go on time at 4pm.  Both Aurora and Caribbean needed tugs. Ferriby was on Aurora's stern with Eston on her bow while Alma went up to Caribbean.  Aurora's 4.30pm came and went as did Caribbean's 5pm.  Finally, just after 5.05pm, Aurora's ropes went.  She and Caribbean greeted each other as Eston went to Caribbean's stern and she began moving, picking up a tender before turning.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th May 2017
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