Oriana (II), MSC Fantasia & MSC Preziosa
Two MSC ships on the 20th September 2017 in the shape of MSC Preziosa and MSC Fantasia.  It had last happened in 2014 with MSC Opera and MSC Magnifica.  It's always nice to see more than one ship from a line meeting.  Oriana was sailing at 4.30pm with the other two at 8pm.  The port finally had a new welcome sign, harking back to its past as the Gateway to the World.  Unfortunately there are some who only think of it as a passenger ship port, ignoring everything else which goes on.  Meanwhile the Svitzer tugs were still double parking as Svitzer Sarah hadn't gone to London.  We returned for the departures and they were typically late.  Fantasia left just after 8.15pm which Preziosa a couple of minutes later.  Waverley was returning as they left.
To see the photos of my visit to MSC Preziosa earlier in the year, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th September 2017
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