Navigator of the Seas, Braemar (III), Queen Elizabeth (II), AIDaprima & Norwegian Getaway
Crack of yawn start for five ships but we decided to skip Navigator, which was arriving for 4.15am.  Braemar was just as stupid o'clock at 5.30am, docking behind.  Betty was 6.45am, the correct way round for once in Mayflower while AIDAprima was in QEII for 7.15am with Getaway later scheduled for 8am but VTS listed her at 9am.  Due to weather she was changed to 12pm and the call to Zeebrugge was cancelled.  It was her first return since January 2014 and at least the weather was better once the rain stopped.  I went to Calshot first but she dawdled so much I was worrying she wouldn't reach the Brambles by the time the next bus left and I'd be stuck another hour.  The joys of not driving!  Thankfully she cooperated and I hopped on to catch her in Hythe.
AIDAprima wasn't due to sail until 9pm while Getaway was midnight, so I went back down for the rest, who were all 4.30pm.  Betty went first fifteen minutes late.  I took a trip on the temporary Hythe ferry, Jenny Ann.  She's no Hotspur IV with the lovely bow to stand on, or even Ashleigh R, which Blue Funnel sold in 2016, but she's lovely in her own way.  We had to wait off Town Quay while the Red Jet left.  Navigator left once she'd passed but with Town Quay now in the way and on a low vessel, it was difficult to see anything.  Betty and AIDAprima had a horn battle as did Navigator and the AIDA, which was unexpected.  Lomax helped Braemar battle the wind around 5.15pm.
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