Queen Mary 2 & Berlin Southampton Debut
A new caller to Southampton in the shape of Berlin on the 31st August 2017.  Formerly Spirit of Adventure for Saga, this little cutie currently operates for FTI Cruises GmbH.  I had last seen her back in 2014 in Civitavecchia from Voyager, a ship smaller than us!  Originally due for 6am, for some reason she arrived at 7.15am, an hour after Mary, and assisted by Svitzer Alma.
Since Berlin was due to sail at the scheduled 6.30pm, we went back down to get Mary passing her.  Mary left at 5pm.  Berlin didn't move.  HMS Albion moved away from Marchwood at 6.30pm but Berlin still stayed put.  We gave up as I'm awaiting surgery so in a lot of pain.  She left at 7.45pm so had been here the originally intended twelve and a half hours.
To see the photos of Berlin in Civitavecchia, click here while those of Mary in sailing 12 days earlier can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 31st August 2017
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