Adonia (II) Leaves & Independence of the Seas
Time to say another goodbye to Adonia on the 14th October 2017, but this one would be final as a P&O ship.  On the 26th September, a little over three months after her much heralded return from Fathom, it was announced she would be going to RCCL in March 2018 to become Azamara Pursuit for their Azamara Club Cruises brand,  Considering they had people booked on cruises up to March 2019, it was unsurprising people were pissed off.  Selling was suspected as all cruises after March 2018 vanished when summer 2019 itineraries were announced in August.  John and Roz Kennedy came for the departures and told us how P&O had behaved badly over the sale of the ship.  Adonia was due to sail at 4pm but was almost fifteen minutes late.  As she went up to turn, the Harbour Master was hovering around Hythe pier.  Indy could have slipped out but left after she passed.
To see the photos of Adonia's return in June 2017, click here.

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