Saga Sapphire, AIDAmar & AIDAprima
AIDAmar had a change of itinery on the 16th October 2017, coming to Southampton a day early instead of Le Havre due to the tail-end of Hurricane Ophelia.  She had left Hamburg two hours after AIDAprima, and both were due to arrive at the same time.  Saga Sapphire had come in for 5.30am to avoid the weather.  AIDAmar led the way and docked in Mayflower Terminal while Prima was in her usual QEII Terminal.
We went down for the departure of AIDAmar, which was 7pm then put back to 9pm and finally 9.15pm.  Saga Sapphire had originally been changed to 10pm, but moved forward to 9pm while AIDAprima was supposed to be her usual 9.30pm and that was changed to just after midnight before changed again to 10pm.  It was still pretty windy.  Well Sapphy left twenty minutes late with the aid of Wyestorm on her bow and Svitzer Ferriby bringing up the rear.  AIDAmar had Svitzer Eston on her stern as she moved away from the berth at 9.30pm, blasting to AIDAprima but getting no response so she did it again, which woke them up.  AIDAprima singled up after she passed and followed her to Le Havre.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th October 2017
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