Emerald Princess, Britannia (II) & Celebrity Silhouette Southampton Debut
Celebrity Silhouette made her long-overdue call to Southampton on the 23rd April 2016.  The fourth of five, she debuted in 2011.  Emerald Princess and Britannia were in too.  Emerald had been due to sail at 4pm, Britannia unusually 4.30pm instead of 6pm while our visitor was 5pm but delayed an hour.  As I had to get home to change for work I hoped they'd all cooperate for once.  A few people had come from Didcot to wave family off on Britannia.  It was bitterly cold and windy as Emerald decided to move nearly half an hour late.  The car carrier Grande Portogallo delayed Britannia, but all her ropes had gone by 5.15pm.  Silhouette decided to be a good girl and left half an hour earlier than scheduled so I was abe to relax before the long nightshift ahead.

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© Patricia Dempsey 23rd April 2016
Not to be reproduced without permission