Emerald Princess, Independence of the Seas, Arcadia (IV), Queen Elizabeth (II) & Braemar (III)
Four out, one in on the 14th May 2016 and all were late arriving.  Indy had returned after eighteen months away.  Betty was due 6.30am and docked at 7am.  I had seen her going astern from the bus in Hythe.  It was unheard of she was the CORRECT way around!  Let's hope they do it more often!  They had been told onboard they were late due to a Red Funnel ferry hitting a dock at 5.30am, which was completely untrue.  It was the Hythe ferry, Uriah Heep, which went under the pier around 9.15pm the night before, resulting in it being closed all day.  Emerald Princess was in by 7.15am.  Arcadia was the wrong way round in Mayflower and in at 6.30am.  John and Roz Kennedy were down the marina too.  Late arrivals equals late departures with Emerald only slightly overdue after 4pm.   Indy was out of practice at sailing early on time so went after 4.30pm, but making sure everyone knew she was back, including having a horn battle with Betty while Betty and Arcadia leaving it pushing 5pm.  Braemar was due to arrive from Dover at 6.30pm but it was put back to 7.45pm so we went home.  She sailed just before 11pm.
To see pictures of Indy's departure in 2014 after seven seasons, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 14th May 2016
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