Emerald Princess, Balmoral & Deutschland
Two returnees on a freezing cold 16th April 2016.  Emerald Princess, last cruising from Southampton in 2014, was back for a few months before heading Down Under.  World Odyssey, the latest Semester At Sea ship, ended the spring cruise in the port she began the autumn one seven month previously.  She would be chartered during summer by Phoenix Reisen under her original name of Deutschland and no longer embark and disembark Semester At Sea students here.  And Balmoral was getting ready to sail round trip to the US.  Emerald was due to sail at 4pm, Deutschland to Cadiz for refit two hours later and Balmoral at 6.30pm.  Typically, nothing ever runs to schedule with bloody ships.  Emerald left almost fifteen minutes late and it rained a little as well as being bitterly cold in the wind.  A few people were down to wave their friends or family off.  One bloke said that it was a very late four o'clock as she passed while a wman remarked to her friend that Emerald looked cleaner like she'd had a wash as she sailed past Hythe pier with the sun on her.  The wind dropped a bit as we waited for the other two.  Deutschland was changed to 7pm but intended to go at 6.45pm while Balmoral was going to swing off 40 after Anjeliersgracht had passed.  This meant poor old Deutschland was delayed almost half an hour.
For photos of Deutschland as World Odyssey during her previous call in September 2015, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th April 2016
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