Braemar (III), Queen Elizabeth (II), Saga Sapphire, AIDAprima & Saga Pearl II
The Saga girls were together in a bitterly cold Southampton on the 7th November 2016.  Saga Pearl II, however, was staying overnight.  Braemar was repositioning to warmer climes for winter and due to sail at 4.30pm, along with QE.  Sapphy was 5pm and AIDAprima at 9.30pm.  Braemar did muster at 4.15pm while Sapphy's was fifteen minutes later.  Despite Betty singling up first, it was Braemar who moved off twenty minutes late and went astern to turn.  Her bow was in the process of being painted, taking the grey hull higher to match the rest of the fleet.  Betty blew her whistle around 5pm to signal her departure while Sapphy came away from her berth ten minutes later, having a brief horn battle with Pearl.
To see pictures of Saga Pearl II turning around at the berth the following day, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th November 2016
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