Balmoral, Caribbean Princess & Harmony of the Seas
Three ships on the 20th May 2016.  Balmoral arrived for 1.50am, docking starboard in the QEII Terminal.  Caribbean Princess for 5am in Ocean while Harmony had just sat there three days.  Balmoral was repositioning to Newcastle for her first summer season from the Tyne and sailed around 9.10am.  As she was going astern to turn off Dock Head, she moved very slowly.  While turning the most dreadful racket came from her, which continued after straightening and going past the pier.  Her speed got up to 5.2kts passing the pier but soon dropped back to 4.9kts and then 4.8kts, which it remained for almost half an hour.  Caribbean left around 5.15pm while Harmony was put back from 5pm to 6pm.  Just after 5.30pm they launched the rescue boat and planned to do a draft survey once they had lifted off the berth.  Finally she set off on a two night showcase with the help of Lomax and Apex for media and travel agents.  As I had to work that night, I waited at home.  Due to constant delays including waiting for linesmen, Harmony didn't reach me by the time I had to leave so couldnt see her  In fact, she spent about twenty minutes doing the draft survey then went to the Upper Swinging Ground to turn.  She passed my house at 8.55pm, by which time I was more than halfway en route to work.
For photos of Harmony arriving, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th May 2016
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