Queen Victoria & Ventura
Final stalking of the year on the 29th December 2015 with Ventura and Vicky as they prepared to go on their New Year mini breaks.  It was Ventura's first winter season out of her home port since Britannia had replaced her in the Caribbean.  Both she and Vicky were heading off to Amsterdam to see in 2016 but Ventura's cruise was four days compared to Vicky's five.  Ventura's bow had now gained the Union Jack but funnel still buff.  They were both due to sail at 4.30pm but then Ventura was put back to 5pm and Vicky 6pm.  We thought the cold was making us hallucinate when Vicky was moving at 4.45pm but no, she was definitely moving out.  An elderly lady was down to watch her daughter sail off.  Ventura was put back a further half hour so, as I'd had a call about going into work tonight, we went home and I got her pass the house.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th December 2015
Not to be reproduced without permission