Marina, Balmoral, Adonia (II) & The World
The World was due to make her third visit to Southampton on the 2nd August 2015.  Her first was in 2004 and second six years later.  Both were only day visits whereas this one was a couple of days, departing 2359 on the 4th.  Marina had arrived for 5.15am, Balmoral returned from the Fjords cruise where she met the rest of the Fred. Olsen fleet at 5.30am and Adonia two hours later so we didn't bother going down.  The World was originally due for 1pm but that as brought forward to 11.30am and John and Roz Kennedy were down for it too.  Meanwhile, the Hythe ferry seemed to have some sort of problem off Dock Head before resuming the route to the pier.
Down for the departures with a reluctant Barbara the dog.  She got very sulky at being made to stop her walk and made her protest known as always.  It never helps when ships decide to run late but she was glad to go home after they'd gone.
To see the photos of Balmoral when she met her sisters in Bergen, click here.

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