MSC Splendida & Celebrity Eclipse
Rather unusually, Celebrity Eclipse was arriving for 8am on the 25th May 2015 rather than 5.15am so we decided to go and get her with Barbara the dog, who hadn't been well lately due to her diabetes going a bit off the scale again as well as an ear infection.  Despite having cataracts and being deaf, she had a whale of a time trying to run away from me and carry on exploring so I ended up putting the loop of the lead under my foot, which made her sulk.  Eclipse was carrying Celebrity employees, who had boarded in Oslo, which probably explained the later arrival time.  MSC Splendida led the way, earlier than scheduled, while sandwiched between was CMA CGM Amerigo Vespucci.  A bird leapt up from nowhere as I was about to take a picture, literally taking the focus away from Eclipse.  The Celebrity brought a few spots of rain - grrr!

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th May 2015
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