Celebrity Eclipse, Ventura & World Odyssey
A wet and miserable 13th September 2015 when I went for my trip on Shieldhall, her final of the season.  Ventura and Eclipse were down to sail at the usual 4.30pm with World Odyssey on her maiden semester at 8pm.  Thankfully some lovely person decided to bring that forward three hours.  Boarding Shieldhall was from 3pm - maybe.  As I was a bit early, I wandered to Town Quay for some photos and it rained a little.  She was in berth 49 instead of the usual 48.  It was the annual Heritage weekend so she had visitors on the Sunday.  Once they disembarked the visitors, we were allowed on and a squall came through.  The trip was 4pm-6pm and thankfully it stopped raining by then.  It was pretty windy though so we needed Willpower to get us off the berth.  It was a lovely trip and Eclipse decided to stalk us.  Ventura was next followed by World Odyssey.  Our fabulous steam whistle was blown in response to Ventura and World Odyssey.  Melissa Pell Collins, who I hadn't seen for several years, was aboard with her son.  We tootled around the Boat Show, the tall ship, Earl of Pembroke being a star attraction before returning to the quay with a little help from our friend again.
Photos of World Odyssey arriving on the 9th are here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th September 2015
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