Explorer of the Seas, Ventura, Sea Princess (II) & Adonia (II)
A returnee on the 12th July 2015 when Sea Princess sailed into Southampton.  She had last been in on the 30th August 2008 after five years, first as Adonia then back to Sea Princess.  First, Explorer passed the house then we took Barbara the dog out to see the rest arrive.  With her health failing, we have no idea how much longer she'll be around.  It started raining as Ventura arrived and she hates getting wet unless it's from her ears after having some water and then she likes to shake her head so you share it.  She also wrapped the lead around my leg which doesn't help when she wants a quick getaway.  Sea Princess was behind Ventura and originally due to dock starboard but they changed it.  Then there was Adonias past and present as the current one arrived, Svitzer Alma helping her dock.
Back down in the afternoon for the sailings of three since Sea Princess wasn't leaving until 8pm and it had got colder and windier.  CMA CGM Columba was heading out while the harbour master boat Sentinel went between the marina and pier doing something which my dad thought was echo sounding  Svitzer Sarah attached to Adonia's stern while Alma was on Ventura's.  Adonia silently moved off fifteen minutes late.  As I was photographing the second Adonia heading towards her predecessor, Marilyn Mazza Peers from Facebook and her hubby came over.  It's really embarrassing not recognising people because I take my glasses off so I can see to snap pictures.  It was lovely meeting her at last.  Adonia was silent on her entire journey, even snubbing Ventura who was beginning to move followed pretty quickly by Explorer.  Ventura was silent passing Sea Princess too.
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