Britannia (II) & Saga Sapphire
After being named by Her Majesty The Queen on the 10th March 2015, Britannia was ready for her two night jolly on the 11th.  Her departure time was 5.30pm which gave me plenty of time to get Sapphy leaving then go home to collect my dad and Barbara the dog.  There was a cutie yacht called RS Eden.  This little beauty was originally built in the US as Janidore in 1930.  She had undergone several names and charters, being completely refurbished in 2006.  She was sold in January 2015 and arrived in Hythe on the 9th March for slipping and assessment before a refit.  Lady K was still there, having been berthed several years by now.  It was pretty cold in the mist as Sapphy left silently ten minutes late, heading off the join other ships for the eclipse.  5.30pm came and went, as did 6pm then at 6.15pm she blasted off as she moved, which buggered up Barbara's 7.30pm cooked dinner and 8pm insulin injection.  Bloody ships!  Some had gone bored waiting before she shifted.  There was an owl hooting and a couple of kids yelling, with one constantly singing Rule Britannia very loudly.  The mother was talking to someone on the ship, expecting to be seen since she was waving Union Jacks then disappointed when they weren't.  Never occurred to her they couldn't see her because it was dark.  Then we went home.
To see the photos of Britannia arriving, click here or with Oceana on the 9th March, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th March 2015
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