Saga Pearl II
Just Saga Pearl II in on the 20th March 2015 on eclipse day.  You could hear her as she arrived for 3.30am and would be sailing at 4.15pm.  It was pretty cloudy and cold, meaning the 86% eclipse was hidden down here.  The tug Lomax finally had a scheduled time to return to Fawley and resume work after she was hit by Höegh Osaka back in January.  She was supposed to sail at noon and did almost half an hour later.  As my dad and I waited, the sun came out and clouds began to disperse.  It was great seeing her move again after so long.  I overheard one local bloke telling his visitors how she berths in the port, was on her way to meet the Red Funnel ferry and would bring it in.  That's a new one!  Because of the cold, we didn't take Barbara the dog since she feels it more with the diabetes, but she came along in the afternoon for Pearl's departure.  Her eyes are going with the diabetes but she does love her walks.  It was glorious weather after such a cold start.  Then we went home.
To see the photos of Lomax after being hit by Höegh Osaka, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th March 2015
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