Rotterdam (VI) & AIDAmar
A gorgeous Easter Monday on the 6th April 2015, but it had started out so foggy the horn of AIDAmar woke me up as she was coming along Southampton Water.  Thankfully, thanks to the wonders of Red Funnel webcams, you could see it was lifting by the time she began to dock.  That was a relief as we'd planned to go down for Rotterdam's departure at 10am.  It was one of her fleeting calls as she disembarked passengers after her long cruise from Singapore before heading home to Rotterdam.  Now the wind had dropped, it felt much warmer in the spring sunshine.  Some Turnstones were feeding from the low tide.  I'd never seen them before down there.  Rotterdam had dropped all her lines about five minutes early and gave six blasts as she moved out of Ocean Dock.  Disappointingly, there was silence as she passed her Carnival brand cousin.

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© Patricia Dempsey 6th April 2015
Not to be reproduced without permission