World Odyssey, Britannia (II) & Azura
The Red Arrows were scheduled to do a display for the Boat Show on the 12th September 2015 but would it happen?  Both times in 2012 and the Cunard 175 in July were all buggered by weather.  But first something odd was happening with Britannia.  First she was listed to dock starboard in 44 (the original Ocean Terminal berth and where Titanic sailed from) at 3.30am before siding across to 46 (the current Ocean Terminal) three hours later.  The day before, it was changed to starboard in 46 at 6.15am before turning around at 10.30am.  That worked out perfectly with Waverley sailing at 10am and Shieldhall on a charter an hour later.  Well sadly Waverley's trip was cancelled due to forecast high winds later that day.  It was pretty breezy and as we waiting for Britannia, got slightly rained on.  Nearly twenty-five minutes late she began to throw her ropes.  As she was re-docking, Shieldhall eased her way out of 49 berth.  As Christoph B arrived, there was a brief heavy shower.  Bloody weather is more uncooperative than bloody ships!
Britannia had been changed to a 7pm departure with Azura the usual 4.30pm.  We decided to go for the Red Arrows then stay just for Azura and avoid the marina like the plague since it's where everyone gathers for events like vampires around blood.  The former Whitelink ferry St. Helen, now Anna Mur, was awaiting her departure to Italy.  It was 4th time lucky as the Arrows appeared bang on time at 3.45pm and proceeded with their display - hooray!  They were done twenty-five minutes later and flew down river.  Azura was changed to 5.45pm so we went home.  In the end, Britannia left at 6.10pm and Azura at 7.35pm.  World Odyssey wouldn't be sailing for another day.

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© Patricia Dempsey 12th September 2015
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