Britannia (II), Boudicca, AIDAmar & Oceana (II)
The first crack of yawn start on the 9th March 2015.  The brand new Britannia had been alongside Ocean Terminal for three days and not sailing until her post-naming jolly on the 11th.  Boudicca would be in City Terminal, AIDAmar behind her in 102 since Mayflower was still closed for renovation, and Oceana in QEII.  The weather wasn't too bad as Bouddy arrived, dry and mild.  By the time the others did, it was still dry but bitterly cold and misty.  John and Roz Kennedy were there too after Bouddy docked.  The mist became thicker as AIDAmar emerged from it.  It was her first visit of several and she is the sixth AIDA ship to call since 2008.  I had seen her twice during the maiden season so it was nice she came here.  Barbara the dog was completely disinterested in the ships and couldn't wait to leave.  Later, around 10.20pm, there was a firework display which we saw from the back garden.
To see the photos of Britannia arriving on the 6th March, click here or AIDAmar in Le Havre in 2012, click here while those of Britannia sailing on her maiden voyage can be found, here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 9th March 2015
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