Aurora & Nautica
Back down with Barbara the dog on the 7th June 2015 to see Aurora yet again with an Oceania ship, this time Nautica.  It was a glorious day but forecast not to last.  Be a heatwave then!  Despite being deaf, having cataracts and currently back to being an unstable diabetic resulting in weekly vet visits again, Barbara was eager as usual for her walk but still became impatient at stopping unless it was strictly on her terms.  Aurora was due to sail at 4.30pm while Nautica 6pm.  As we couldn't see Aurora, we knew she was off when she had a horn battle with Nautica, which was a first!  Huelin Dispatch followed her and as Aurora approached Fawley, the CMA CGM Jules Verne was coming the other way.  As this is a site for cruise ship photos, it's not often I include anything but the occasional pic of others unless there's a good photo opportunity and this was definitely one as the cargo ship towered over Huelin Dispatch and Red Falcon.  The tugs came out, Svitzer Eston leading following by Ferriby and Alma but then Eston backed up resulting in Ferriby going for the stern.  Once they'd safely passed, Nautica moved away from City Terminal.  By now Barbara was extremely bored and would have preferred to go home, which we did one she'd passed us.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th June 2015
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