Aurora & Saga Sapphire
While Aurora had arrived for 6am on the 17th September 2015, Saga Sapphire was a late arrival, due for 10am, then brought forward to 9.15am.  The weather was glorious after a hit and miss week.  As we arrived, Waverley was sailing - yay!  The adverse weather had affected her too.  She left at 8.25am.  The tug, Wyeforce, waited at QEII Termial until Sapphy was close enough to go and meet her.  As Sapphy passed us, I heard a woman say, "Oh look at that. Just beautiful".  Excellent taste!  Sapphy docked in Ocean Terminal at 9.35am.  Later we could see her funnel when we went down for the 1pm departure of Anna Mur (ex-St. Helen) to Italy.

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© Patricia Dempsey 17th September 2015
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