Celebrity Eclipse, Balmoral, Azura & Britannia (II)
I had a ship visit to Eclipse on the 25th July 2015.  Balmoral was in the QEII Terminal preparing for the Fred Olsen event in Bergen, Britannia in Ocean and Azura up the end in Mayflower.  Behind Azura were the Belgian minesweepers, BNS Lobelia and BNS Crocus as well as the tug Lomax.  After the visit, I stayed on the pier for the departures.  Britannia was due to sail at 6pm with the rest at the usual 4.30pm.  Eclipse left a bit early - cheeky cow!  Shieldhall left around the same time for a little trip to the Solent.  As she passed Balmoral, her final ropes went and she began moving.  She went to the Lower Swinging Ground to turn instead of going astern off Dock Head, maybe due to the wind.  Azura moved late after 5pm, revealing Lomax hiding up her bum and passed Tenacious as she was on her way back in while Britannia sailed on time despite a moron in a boat trying to go into Ocean Dock just as she was casting off.
To see the photos from my visit to Eclipse, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th July 2015
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