Caribbean Princess, Anthem of the Seas, Seven Seas Voyager, Britannia (II) & Balmoral
Five ships on the 29th August 2015 and every one docked starboard.  Caribbean Princess was in Mayflower and scheduled to sail at 4pm.  Anthem of the Seas was in City and due to go at 4.30pm with Seven Seas Voyager, in 102, half an hour later.  Balmoral was penultimate at 5.30pm then finally Britannia at the usual 6pm.  Did they cooperate?  About as much as the weather!  Caribbean Princess finally moved nearly twenty-five minutes late which then buggered up the next two.  Anthem moved after the hour and Seven Seas Voyager once it was safe to do so.  The rain was on and off and when it was on, it was pretty heavy at times.  As each ship left, so did the soggy crowd.  5.30pm came and went and no movement from Balmoral.  Britannia began to throw her ropes before 6pm just as the linesmen turned up for Balmoral.  Once the P&O was safely passed, Balmoral went up to turn.  Thankfully we did manage to get the last bus home before they went once an hour but were soaked.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th August 2015
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