Britannia (II) Maiden Voyage
After a naming ceremony on the 10th March 2015 followed by two nights in the English Channel on the 11th-13th, it was time for Britannia to earn her money on the 14th.  Her departure time on the 14th was originally 4.30pm but it was changed to 6pm to allow for fireworks.  First though, we went down with Barbara the dog to get a photo of the tug Christine, which arrived the day before.  She had been moved so was now easily seen.  RS Eden was still there, having been out in the Solent for about twenty hours.  Autostar was arriving as we got there.  Later we went back down without the dog as she feels the cold with her diabetes, and quite a few people were already waiting for the action.  The fireworks barge was towed by Willsupply while CMA CGM Titan was arriving for 7pm so you just knew Britannia wouldn't move until that passed.  It was pretty bitter in that wind.  Most people had come just for the fireworks while one couple from Bedfordshire were staying in their caravan at Milford-on-Sea and decided to come and see her sail.  As we patiently waited, I heard one woman complain, "I thought there were going to be fireworks".  Meanwhile Britannia had horn mania, though with the wind it often couldn't be heard.  She even had a horn battle with Ocean Scene as she left almost fifteen minutes late with whiz-bangs beginning twenty minutes after that.
To see the photos of Britannia arriving, click here or with Oceana on the 9th March, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 14th March 2015
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