Braemar (III), Celebrity Eclipse, Arcadia (IV) & Ventura
A cold and breezy 10th October.  Eclipse and Arcadia arrived around their usual times.  Ventura was also due with Arcadia until a person went overboard as she was returning.  Around 4am, east of Sandown, she turned to retrace her route and hopefully find the person.  After more than five hours they gave up, heading back up the Solent, arriving in Ocean Terminal for 12.30pm.  The official search ended at 2pm.  She was rescheduled to sail at 7.45pm while the other two were 4.30pm.  Meanwhile Braemar was repositioning from Dover for the first of only two Southampton departures this year but she would be doing the summer season in 2016 instead of Balmoral.  Originally listed for 5.30pm, she arrived by 5pm as Eclipse was sailing.  Arcadia set off around 5pm.  Unusually in RCL3 at Marchwood was Höegh Xiamen while Autostar arrived for berth 105 and passed both outbound cruise ships.  Opposite Ventura was the car carrier, G Poseidon, which had been laid up in the port earlier in the year after getting a hole in the hull.  Ventura sailed past 8pm while Braemar was supposed to sail at 10.30pm but ended up delayed to 11.45pm.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th October 2015
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