Boudicca & Queen Victoria
One in, one out on the 20th January 2015 and an extra set of whiz-bangs to boot.  Vicky had arrived back from refit in Hamburg on the 18th while Bouddy was repositioning from Liverpool.  Originally scheduled to arrive at 6.30pm, it was brought forward by fifteen minutes.  Imagine our surprise when we turned the corner to see Bouddy passing just before 5.30pm!  I ran as fast as my buggered knee would carry me in the rain, snatching the photos to begin with, until my dad caught up and took Barbara the dog.  She was docked fifteen minutes later which at least left the channel clear for Vicky and her whiz-bangs.  She was down to sail at 6pm but finally let go of the last ropes almost ten minutes late as the rain came down again.  For some reason, Vicky's horn sounded muffled.  Maybe came down with laryngitis!  Boudicca sailed at 1.10am the following morning.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th January 2015
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