Balmoral & Braemar (III)
As the song goes, reunited and it feels so good.  Balmoral and Braemar were reunited in Southampton on the 25th October 2015.  The last time I had seen them together was July in Bergen for Fred. Olsen's four ships event so it was great seeing half of the quartet again.  Oddly enough, it was on the same date in 2009 that Black Watch said a second goodbye to Black Prince (who had been sold and not expected to still be there a week after the original goodbye).  Balmoral led the way, unlike in Bergen.  The clocks had gone back overnight resulting in VTS listing then arriving at 5.30am and 5.45am respectively but it was later so I got them from the window.  Both were scheduled to sail at 4.30pm then Braemar was delayed to 6.15pm.  By the time we got down, Balmoral was already turning, having left slightly early while Braemar was still refuelling.  They did blast to each other but it was too noisy at the marina thanks to the ferry so difficult to hear.  Once Balmoral had passed we went for the bus rather than freeze waiting for Braemar.  It was only after getting home we discovered she'd decided to go around 5.35pm so passed the house a few minutes after going through the front door.
To see the photos of Balmoral and Braemar back in July for the 4B's in Bergen, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th October 2015
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