Queen Elizabeth (II), Black Watch (III) & Arcadia (IV)
Back out into the cold on the 6th January 2015.  Black Watch was off on her South American cruise with Betty on a short and both due to sail at 4.30pm while Arcadia getting the whiz-bangs for her worldie at 6pm.  As I was photographing the swans, Betty decided to be on time for a change!  A lady asked if she was Black Watch.  I said no.  She then asked if the one docked was Black Watch.  Same response to which she replied, "They all look the same".  Arcadia did muster at 5pm so they clearly wanted everyone ready to party.  Black Watch finally shifted her bum at 5.55pm!  That meant Arcadia would be delayed and we'd get colder.  It's high time these damn ships learnt about bus times then they might be more cooperative to their fans!  The moon was rising aswe waited for Black Watch to appear.  Once she was passed, Arcadia threw her ropes and headed, for once, to the Lower Swinging Ground instead of backing into Dock Head to turn.  She had Svitzer Alma on the bow and the brand new Svitzer Bargate, which arrived on the 31st December 2014, on her stern.  There was music from Auld Lang Syne to Rule Britannia blaring as she turned and she blew the horn as she passed the firework barge.

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© Patricia Dempsey 6th January 2015
Not to be reproduced without permission