Azura, Celebrity Eclipse, Royal Princess (III), Caribbean Princess & Adonia (II)
Five ships instead of a scheduled four on the 9th May 2015 as Azura returned a day late after a technical failure.  She docked in Mayflower with the aid of Sarah and Bargate by 4am.  Eclipse was next, heading for City Terminal.  Royal Princess followed as she made her way to Ocean Terminal, helped by Sarah and Ferriby, Caribbean Princess had Bargate on her stern, coming alongside QEII Terminal starboard while Sarah was a busy little tug, going to Adonia, who would be bow to bow with Azura.  Since I had been sent home at 10.30am on the last day of my job with several others, it meant I was able to get them sailing.  Times kept changing for Caribbean Princess, originally 4pm, it became 5pm in the end.  Eclipse left first, not long after 4pm.  Adonia after, having a horn battle with Azura.  She tried twice with the Princesses but they were doing muster.  It was odd seeing the second Royal Princess with the third.  Caribbean left first but went astern very slowly, seemingly holding position as if waiting for Royal but her ropes were still fast.  Even turning was slower than usual and Royal began to let her lines go but by now Caribbean had enough and buggered off leaving Royal following in her wake.
For photos of Azura sailing the following day, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 9th May 2015
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