Rotterdam (VI) & Aurora
Aurora and Rotterdam were in on the 8th January 2015.  It would have been my mum's 69th birthday if she were alive so what better way to celebrate than getting soaked through for a ship!  Rotterdam was arriving for 9.30am instead of 10am, according to VTS, except she was semi-determined to stick to the original time, docking at 9.45am.  It was pouring and as a result of her slight lateness, we missed the 9am bus home so had to wait another hour in the wet stuff and got soaked through.  Meanwhile, the Höegh Osaka, which had grounded on the Brambles on the 3rd after developing a starboard list, had floated herself on the 7th and was currently under watch by Alpha Anchorage.  You could just about see her in the rainy mist.
The weather cleared a few hours later so we returned to Calshot with Barbara the dog for better photos of Höegh Osaka.  Later, we went down to Hythe for the departures.  Despite Aurora being brought forward to 5.30pm, she left at her original scheduled time.  Rather disappointingly, the fireworks ended before she'd passed the pier.  Another disappointment was they turned off Rotterdam's funnel and string of lights so when she moved once Aurora passed, she blended in with the port.
To see the photos of Aurora sailing to refit, click here or her returning in her new livery, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th January 2015
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