Arcadia (IV), Queen Mary 2 & Ventura
Three on the 28th June 2015.  Mary was in her rightful home of QEII Terminal where everyone could see her while Ventura was in Ocean and Arcadia in Mayflower.  I was surprised neither P&O had the new livery by now.  It was fairly quiet ship-wise though the Chinese car carrier Yu Heng Xian Feng sailed by Hythe as we got off the bus.   Both P&O's were down to sail at 4.30pm with Mary half an hour later.  Well the best laid plans of ship nuts and ships... Arcadia was cooperative, leaving just a little late while both Mary and Ventura were changed to 5.30pm.  Arcadia blew to the late buggers who did respond though being the wrong way round only muffled Ventura to everyone at Hythe, especially with the increasing wind.  Meanwhile Huelin Dispatch slipped out early.  As Arcadia was passing us, I heard an old bloke ask someone what the dark bit on the side was and he was told it was a ramp!  Make your own jokes.  Mary decided she'd had enough of waiting and after hearing Captain Chris Wells explaining about the clocks going forward to the passengers, her lines began to go at 5.20pm and she moved off while Ventura's were going at the same time, though took longer to shift her bum.  Of course Ventura was also otherwise occupied by having a horn battle with what turned out to be the star of the day - Shieldhall!  With Ventura being annoyingly the wrong way round and the wind picking up, it was difficult to catch the responses but this went on even while she was backing out of Ocean Dock then both departed in silence.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th June 2015
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