Anthem of the Seas Arrival
2015 heralded the 10th year Royal Caribbean had based ships in Southampton, beginning with Legend.  Before that and since were calls and repositionings but that was the first time people could board anytime during a season.  So it was fitting on such an anniversary year, the brand new 167,000grt Anthem of the Seas arrived on the 15th April.  She is the second of the new Quantum class.  I really wasn't having much luck with first time RCI callers over the past six months.  When Oasis and Quantum came up Southampton Water in October 2014, I had a broken foot and now I had the cough from hell and remnants of flu.  I'd already taken Saturday off when it hit (and my dad gave me his antibiotics which cleared up what he said was the beginnings of a chest infection) and now it looked like I'd have to take another unpaid sick day if it didn't stop choking me which is as annoying as hell.  The Trinity House Vessel, Galatea, was sitting quietly in Ocean Terminal.  It was a lovely dawn with a Great Crested Grebe swimming about, though despite the mist appearing and partly covering Red Osprey as she arrived.  Steph Curtin from Celebrity came to see her arrive.  You could hear Anthem blasting off at Calshot even though you couldn't see her.  Finally she began to emerge as tugs Sarah stayed forward and Alma went aft, welcoming her in.  Surprisingly there weren't many people at the marina but I don't think this was as heavily advertised as Quantum or Oasis.  With my cough still really bad my dad said I should go sick again because the cough sounded awful so we went home.
To see the photos of Anthem sailing on the maiden voyage and meeting Explorer of the Seas, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 15th April 2015
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