Aurora, Adonia (II) & Balmoral
My first stalking of 2015 began on the 4th January with Aurora, back from her Christmas cruise and ready for a four-night cruise.  Balmoral was heading off around the world while Adonia would be getting fireworks for her send off.  There was a bit of a worry they not only wouldn't get in but if they did, couldn't leave as the car carrier, Höegh Osaka, had grounded on the Brambles at 9.15pm the day before with a 45° list.  Thankfully she was out of the shipping lane so traffic still flowed, albeit with an exclusion zone around her.  Aurora left first, moving by the time we arrived.  Some people were there for the fireworks, not realising they were 5.15pm and left after Aurora passed.  Balmoral and Adonia were both 5pm but Adonia slipped out on time, giving three blasts to let people know and another as she passed the firework barge.  Balmoral was twenty minutes late but thankfully passed before the only bus of the hour arrived.

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© Patricia Dempsey 4th January 2015
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