Independence of the Seas, Arcadia (IV), Ruby Princess & Emerald Princess
Double Princess on the 28th June 2014 except the buggers weren't going to say hello!  Normally Ruby is stuck the wrong way round in Mayflower, time wasting as she turns (Azura and Ventura are always the correct way) and sails 5pm while Emerald is in Ocean, going at 4pm.  This day, Emerald was listed to sail two hours later than usual, for deep clean, it turned out, after arriving several hours earlier than usual.  Tenacious returned from another trip for the Jubilee Sailing Trust.  A bit later, we saw a squall cover Emerald then Indy before it reached us, making everyone who had cars rush back to them while we ended up getting soaked.  Bloody typical!  My friends, Marie and Mark Kennedy, were on Arcadia with her mum and step dad and I hope they have better weather in Norway than they had here.  Indy left first then Arcadia followed.  Ruby shifted it a while later and we went home before Emerald moved, getting her from the dry.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th June 2014
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