Rotterdam (VI), Saga Pearl II & Saga Ruby
A very sad day on the 9th January 2014 when Saga Ruby returned to Southampton for the very last time as she ended her farewell cruise, which began on the 7th December.  Originally scheduled to go to the Caribbean, she suffered generator problems while in Tenerife on the 12th December so the itinerary was revised to be a Med one due to the air conditioning being underpowered in hotter climes.  Then her return exactly a month later was delayed three days by bad weather.  Saga Pearl II had been with her in Lisbon (Rubes arriving the 3rd, Pearl the 4th.  Pearl left on the 7th at 7.45am with the help of Svitzer Lisboa while Rubes stayed put until 2pm.  Rotterdam was in, arriving for 11.30am but I missed that so got her sailing from the house.
Due to the ridiculous three hour gap between and lateness of their arrivals, I was unable to get down to did them from the window.  Pearl was first, all fast by 8.55pm in 101E while Rubes followed for 11.30pm with the help of tug, Phenix, docking in 101W.  It was tight but they DID make it for the 9th after all!
To see photos of Ruby sailing from Southampton for the final time, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 9th January 2014
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