Quantum of the Seas, Celebrity Eclipse & Saga Pearl II
Quantum of the Seas was still in 104 on the 30th October 2014 after arriving the previous day, now joined by Eclipse in City and Pearl in Ocean.  Pearl had originally been scheduled for Mayflower with Eclipse in Ocean and Quantum in City but Mayflower is off limits at the moment so all berthing is buggered.  I was awake when Pearl arrived in yet more fog and was glad to see her through it.  This day she returned after the summer in Dover and I visiting, but due to the cast on my broken foot, I was a bit wary of the pontoons either end so had to go by bus - boring!  I managed to just about see Quantum from the bus as we headed into town and, once at West Quay, hunted down Eclipse until Aimee arrived to give me a lift to Pearl.  I managed to get Quantum and Eclipse from aboard the baby ship.  Also Waverley was alongside, having arrived unexpectedly on the 25th.  Afterwards it was the bus to Hythe for the departures.  Pearl was due to sail at 4pm with Eclipse half an hour later.  There was a beautiful sailing vessel called Wylde Swan arriving, which dates back to 1920 as a German steam ship but relaunched in 2010 as a Dutch schooner.  It was more crowded down the marina on an autumn day because they mistakenly thought Quantum moving from 104 to 101 after Eclipse was clear meant she would be actually sailing.  Meanwhile, as the two scheduled departees swung off their respective docks, little Solent Rose, doubling as Hythe ferry again until Great Expectations was fixed, silently slipped away from the pier and headed home.  Disappointingly, despite being the same company, Quantum and Eclipse blatantly ignored each other.  Cheeky sods!  Then we waited for 5pm and Quantum shuffling her bum into Eclipse's still warm bed.  A few remained, finally leaving well after we had.
For photos of Quantum arriving, click here while those from my visit to Saga Pearl II are here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th October 2014
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