Saga Sapphire & Quantum of the Seas UK Debut
A previously unscheduled ship stalking day on the 29th October 2014 until Royal Caribbean decided to have Quantum arrive from Bremerhaven seventeen hours early!  As a result of this, she would be docked at the fruit shed in 104. moving to 101 the following day after Eclipse sailed.  Meanwhile, Sapphy was also in, making it the third time in a row I'd watched her sail.  Quantum was the first brand new RCI ship class we'd seen dock since Freedom in 2006 (Oasis steamed in the Solent in 2009).  She comes in at 167,000grt and is the big sister to Anthem, which is due in Southampton in April 2015 for her first season.  Sapphy was listed to sail at her usual 4pm while Quantum dock for 5pm, which was then changed to 5.30pm, probably due to leaving Bremerhaven an hour late.  Pity the weather was so crap with rain and fog.  It was just like the 15th when Oasis was in.  Sapphy arrived in thick fog.  Would she sail in it tonight?  Her time was also changed to 4.45pm and in the interim, she would vanish in the fog and rain.  As usual with these things, people would appear you didn't see otherwise and none had any idea about Quantum's delay, so while we were watching foggy Sapphy, they were looking towards Calshot at the time she was originally meant to pass Hythe.  She finally began to emerge through the fog at the time Sapphy was meant to move, but obviously she would now wait.  Thank goodness the fog was lifting and rain stopped!  She was a very noisy girl, but at least no one could miss her thanks to the booming horn.  And, apart from one twat with a camcorder and a kid briefly blocking my view, everyone was considerate after seeing the crutches.  Most buggered off once Quantum passed leaving the genuine ship nuts watching Sapphy before the marina became deserted once she'd gone.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th October 2014
Not to be reproduced without permission