Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2
A beautiful day on the 5th June 2014, unlike exactly to years previously when it was pouring.  Mary and Vicky were in then too (along with QE), for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  This was the fourth time since the 6th May these two had been in port together; Lisbon then here the remaining three times.  People will begin to talk!  I got a couple of photos in Hythe on the way home because, as they were going at 4.30pm, we risked the bus to Calshot only for things not to work out thanks to that big fat lump called Mary!  While Vicky finally shifted her bum twenty minutes late, the diva was changed to 6.15pm - argh!!!!!  She is in sooooooooooooo much trouble.  Meanwhile, as we waited, HMS Bulwark and HNLMS Johan De Witt were outbound as part of the D-Day 70th anniversary commemorations (BNS Crocus was with them but I didn't see her).  We had to leave Vicky after she passed the Brambles to get the 6pm back home.

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© Patricia Dempsey 5th June 2014
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