AIDAsol, Saga Sapphire & Saga Pearl II
A rare thing in Southampton on the 11th March 2014 when Saga Pearl II and Saga Sapphire were in together.  Usually they could be a day apart.  Pearl had met Ruby in the past, and said goodbye to her on the 10th January as she set off for her new life in the Far East while Sapphy did once purely because Rubes was being repaired.  They were often together in Dover and I saw them there in July 2013.  Sapphy was in QEII Terminal while Pearl was in City.  The first time these two were together here was when Pearl changed to be Quest For Adventure on the 6th May 2012 and the last was the 24th February 2014, which I'd missed.  AIDAsol would be joining them so we went for the arrivals.  Originally, Sapphy was listed in QEII starboard but thankfully it was changed.  I'd first seen her there in 1987 and you can't recreate photos if the ship is the wrong way round!  AIDAsol led the way and was fifteen minutes earlier than the 6.30am both her and Sapphy were due for 6.30am, Sapphy was fifteen minutes late while Pearl an hour later so we got her passing Sapphy instead of the other way round as in 2012.
By now it was bitter and the AIDA was in danger of her lips turning blue.  Then it was a trip on the ferry, mainly for photos of Sapphy and try to recreate her in the same berth as 1987 when I first saw her as Europa.  Things had changed a lot in the port since those days (as had the Hythe ferry - it was New Forester back then with lovely indoor heating, now Golden Star, a party boat on the Thames) and this morning was particularly busy.
To see photos of Sapphy & Pearl meeting in 2012, click here and of Sapphy as Europa in 1987, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th March 2014
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