Celebrity Eclipse, Marina, Nautica & Azura
Two Oceania ships together in Southampton on the 2nd August 2014 when Nautica met Marina.  Usually there was one or the other so this was a nice bonus.  Eclipse and Azura would also be in.  They brought forward Marina's arrival time to 5.15am, same as Eclipse, while Nautica was 6.30am and Azura 7am.  Since Nautica was the wrong way round in Mayflower and both she and Marina were down to sail at 5pm, we decided to get the arrivals because you were guaranteed of passing shots.  No idea why she was docked that way.  Perhaps because Adonia often is despite Pacific Princess being the correct way round in 2008 so it can be done.  We almost didn't go, however, as the day before my dog Louise died two weeks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I was just about to go and bring our other dog, Barbara, back from the vet after surgery to remove possibly cancerous lumps when it happened.  Barbara has suffered from separation anxiety since my late mum was in hospital in 2010 and we couldn't take her with us due to the surgery.  It would have been different if we had a car but the walk would have been too much for her at that hour of the morning resulting in us reluctantly making the decision to leave her behind.  While we were out, we made the decision not to return for the sailings because she'd been through enough already the past twenty four hours.  Despite The Weather Channel saying dry, it flipping rained as the first two arrived and became quite windy and cold too.  We didn't stop for Azura's docking because we wanted to get back to Barbara.  As it turned out, we made the right decision as Nautica and Marina didn't meet at sailaway.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd August 2014
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