Independence of the Seas & Insignia
Another returnee on the 20th September 2014 when Insignia called for the first time since 2006  Unusually for an Oceania ship, she was docked in Ocean Terminal.  Indy was also in and as I was visiting her, I decided to take the ferry over in the mist.  The tug Lomax was in QEII Terminal, scheduled to move to the refinery at 9am but decided to start moving fifteen minutes early.  Annoyingly it was Boat Show time, meaning Dock Gate 8 was closed so I had to get a taxi to the big baby.  It was hard to believe in just six weeks' time, she would be leaving for the last time after six and a half years, including two winter seasons.  Afterwards, I decided to walk and it turned out to be the correct decision since, due to the ridiculous amount of Boat Show traffic, not only would it have cost me a fortune, but it ended up being quicker even with photo stops!  On the 3pm ferry back, we ended up stopping a bit, giving a great shot of Insignia, as we let Red Falcon go ahead of us.  After collecting my dad and Barbara the dog, it was time to watch them leave.  It was sooooooooo cold and windy at times.  Indy left a bit early while Insignia made a din like bagpipes when she moved off ninety minutes later.
To see photos from my visit to Indy, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th September 2014
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