Queen Victoria & Independence of the Seas
Indy was about to begin her penultimate cruise as a Southampton resident on the 28th October 2014.  My friend, Oskar Osmundsen was aboard for his first Royal Caribbean cruise.  Vicky was tucked into Ocean and both were due to sail at 4.30pm.  Ironically, when Indy did her very first fare paying roundtrip from Southampton (maiden voyage), it was four nights and Vicky was also in.  The only difference is back then, Vicky was also on a four night cruise whereas this time she heads to the Med.  Despite my finally diagnosed broken foot after a fall on the 1st, and plaster cast on a week, I had to go and wave Oskar off.  Plus it got me out of the house!  Hurst Castle was back doing the Hythe ferry while Washington Express left before the main attractions.  Vicky unusually left on time, giving two blasts as she moved.  Indy was a few minutes behind as it got colder and windier but at least it didn't rain!
To see photos of Indy and Vicky in 2008, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th October 2014
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