Independence of the Seas Leaves
The day arrived on the 1st November 2014 when Indy was in Southampton for the final time after seven seasons, including two winter ones.  She would be based in Fort Lauderdale for the moment and replaced here in 2015 by the brand new Anthem so it was time to say a very sad goodbye.  I was awake when she sailed up Southampton Water so decided to snap her.  My friend, Oskar Osmundsen, was aboard and I would be seeing him later for her departure.  After a warm day, it became cold by the time we went for the bus to meet Oskar.  Annoyingly a twat set up two fishing rods in our way.  John and Roz Kennedy came to the marina too and the weather got colder and windier while Barbara the dog just wanted to warm up.  As we waited for Indy to sail at 4.30pm, we noticed a boat adrift and a while later, a bloke rowed out to it but still had trouble securing it with the anchor after moving it back near the pier.  Well the usually reliable Indy decided to be forty minutes late, giving three blasts and another three when straightened.
So that was that.  The longest Royal Caribbean ship deployment we've had since they began scheduled cruises in 2005.  End of an era.  For photos of Indy arriving brand new back in 2008, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 1st November 2014
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