Explorer, Adonia (II), Arcadia (IV) & Queen Victoria
A busy day on the 24th August 2014 with four ships sailing.  Explorer had arrived two days earlier and was moved from QEII Terminal to City, meaning Arcadia was where she had been.  Adonia was the wrong way round AGAIN in Mayflower while Vicky was in Ocean.  Adonia was due to sail at 4pm, Arcadia and Vicky 4.30pm and Explorer at 5pm.  Barbara the dog came with us again and really would prefer to continue walking than wait for ships.  As we waited, the research vessel, Discovery, returned.  As usual with cruise ships, things went slightly awry.  Adonia left half an hour late, while Arcadia was changed to 4.45pm and Vicky 5pm.  Arcadia followed Adonia with Explorer hot on her stern.  Vicky was delayed to 5.30pm while Whitonia finished bunkering and left ten minutes after that.
For photos of Explorer arriving on the 21st August 2014, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 24th August 2014
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