Independence of the Seas, Oceana (II), Balmoral, Emerald Princess & Dawn Princess (II)
Sailaway which we hoped was a noisy one with Dawn not leaving until 9pm.  Emerald was listed to sail at 4pm with the other three half an hour later and the tug Lomax went to assist Balmoral as we waited.  Emerald left thirty minutes late, giving three blasts as she moved out of Ocean.  Meanwhile Indy began to move almost seven minutes late and if she made a noise, we didn't hear it and ditto Oceana, shifting at 3.43pm.  Emerald gave three more blasts to Dawn who finally responded with three pathetic ones as she was almost past.  During all this activity, some people behind were talking.  They had cruised yet knew absolutely zilch about ships.  The smoke comes from the funnel only when they're moving, this was Dawn's first visit (that one's easy to get wrong since the last time was 2010), the bloke THINKS Dawn and Oceana were built by the same shipyard but for different companies even though he's meant to have sailed on the latter, they're both REALLY old ships while all Fred Olsens look the same.  Hilarious!  Indy said zilch as she passed Dawn understandably, Balmoral moved off to turn after Oceana passed but then Dawn and her own sister blatantly ignored each other!  How rude when they haven't seen each other years!  We didn't expect Balmoral to do anything after her initial departure blasts then we went home.  Dawn left before 9pm.
To see photos of Dawn when she was in Southampton back in 2009, click here.

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