Independence of the Seas, Oceana (II), Balmoral, Emerald Princess & Dawn Princess (II)
Sisters reunited on the 12th July 2014 when Dawn Princess made a long overdue return to Southampton on the same day her P&O sister, Oceana, would also be in.  Meanwhile Emerald Princess was in Ocean with Balmoral and Indy snuggling up in City again.  People will talk!  We planned to skip Indy's arrival because stupid o'clock is far too early and go down for the rest, but the arrival was fifteen minutes later than usual so we caught her passing Hythe.  John and Roz Kennedy came down for Dawn and it was nice having company.  Oceana led the way as the sun was rising, followed by Balmoral, Emerald and Dawn.  Unusually, Dawn went to the Lower Swinging Ground to turn instead of at Dock Head and going astern to dock, as was mainly the norm these days.


© Patricia Dempsey 12th July 2014
Not to be reproduced without permission