Braemar (III) & Oriana (II)
Braemar and Oriana were both in on the 27th October 2014 and it was a lovely day for it.  Having been stuck indoors with my broken foot since having the cast put on six days prior (apart from hospital appointments for it), it was nice to get a change of scene.  My friend Oskar Osmundsen was over from Norway, due to sail on Independence of the Seas the following day, so we met up for a little while.  We witnessed Great Expectations being replaced by Ashleigh R, which pleased him for when he returned to Town Quay.  Surprisingly, Barbara the dog let him stroke her right from the start.  It usually took her three days to get used to people or nervously back away but she was fine with him, even looking for him later when we left.  Braemar left just before Ashleigh R moved from Hythe pier, resulting in Oskar getting some great shots.  Oriana blasted off as Braemar was turning.  Interestingly, part of the P&O Cruises logo was painted over on Oriana.  Port was just the end of Cruises while starboard all of Cruises was gone.  Once she was, we went for the bus, which took far longer due to that bloody cast.

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© Patricia Dempsey 27th October 2014
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